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Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Marine Outreach Program

Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Service Members are former active duty military personnel who received specialized training while on active duty. Through a special Presidential Reserve Callup Authority, many IRR Service Members have been called back to active duty to support the Global War on Terror. Accessibility to support is an issue for IRR Service Members. IRR Service Members are individuals; they are geographically separated service members. They are not part of a unit as with the active duty services or even a Reserve group who at least meet up on weekend events and have opportunities to address issues and access support. Therefore, IRR service members typically face the challenges of reintegration with little or no support.  

In the fall of 2007, MFLC consultants began providing outreach to IRR returning service members to address the broad range of issues that IRR Service Members may encounter as they return to civilian life.

The highly-trained, master’s degree educated MFLC consultants provide an outreach to the IRR Service Member to help to address and resolve all kinds of challenges and guide the service member toward successful reintegration.

The IRR Marine Outreach Program is focused on addressing:

  • Administrative issues associated with mobilization and demobilization and
  • Life issues that are typical for many returning military personnel including readjusting to family life, reestablishing community ties and rebuilding relationships at work or school

The program begins within 30 days of an IRR service member’s homecoming and continues regularly throughout the first year of return to address and resolve administrative and reintegration issues. If a challenge requires more than telephonic outreach, the MFLC Consultant will refer the IRR service member to the appropriate support services for resolution.