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MFLC Child and Youth Behavioral Program

Effective in the summer of 2007, the DoD contracted with MHNGS to provide licensed professional clinical counselors to augment the child behavioral services offered through the Child & Youth Services (CYS) Program. The program provides non-medical counseling services and addresses short-term problem resolution such as school issues, deployment and reunion adjustments, and parent-child communications.

MHNGS' Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLC) working under this contract, called Child and Youth Behavioral Military & Family Life Counselors (CYB-MFLC) support the children participating in the CYS Program as well as faculty, staff and parents. They also support military children through DoDEA Summer Programs and Purple Camps.

CYB-MFLCs support the children and families participating in the CYS Program in many ways including:

  • Observe, participate and engage in activities with children and youth
  • Provide coaching, guidance and support in classrooms, camps or Family Care Centers settings
  • Model behavioral management techniques and provide feedback to staff
  • Assist staff with daily stressors and concerns
  • Outreach to parents when they drop off and pick up their children at group
  • Facilitate psycho-educational groups at Child and Youth Centers
  • Conduct trainings for staff and parents

The MFLC-CYS services supporting military children are provided both CONUS and OCONUS.

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