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MFLC Independent Contractors

Following is a list of Program Requirements for MFLC Program participation:

✓ You must be licensed to practice independently

✓ You must be a U.S. Citizen

✓ You must have a current, valid, unrestricted driver's license

✓ You must have a current U.S. Passport or are you willing to apply for one

✓ You must have professional liability insurance in the amount of $1 million per occurrence/$1 million aggregate

✓ You must able to meet the physical demands of an MFLC. For example, undertake the walking that is required of most assignments, engage with young children on Child and Youth Behavioral assignments, carry your own luggage if deployed overseas.

In addition, the follow conditions prohibit participation in the program:

✓ If you are currently an employee of or contracted with the Federal Government

✓ If you have ever been charged or convicted of a felon

✓ If you have ever have been terminated from a government contract or from participation with a government contract

✓ If you have you ever been denied a CNACI, a NACI or a secret clearance

✓ If you are CURRENTLY a MHN or HealthNet employee or in severance period as a previous employee

To access the on-line application and apply to join MHNGS's counselor network as an Independent Contractor please, click here